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It's me

My name is Ramun Tomaschett, born in Switzerland in 1998. 

Trained carpenter, founder of WithPleasure and lover of exercise. I try my best every day to be the person I am and want to be. This is my story and my life.

My story

I was born on March 3rd, 1998 in Chur in Graubünden. I grew up in Cumbel in Val Lumnezia with my parents and my brother. During my childhood, I built tree huts with friends, played cowboys and Indians in the forest and went on rainy walks with my family. Today, as then, I am very physically active.

I love the movement in sport. Above all, the mountains appealed to me with their impressive appearance and the many activities they offer. Since I could stand, I was on skis in the winter and hanging on a rope in the summer. Whether it's climbing, skiing and touring, hiking, slacklining, highlining, alpinism, handstands and music, or building stone figures by the river, it satisfies and balances me, physically and mentally.

For me, the mountains have always been a symbol of home and freedom. Climbing has accompanied me in its various disciplines since I was a child; I had a lot of opportunities to climb through my family and friends.


On vacation with the family in Sardinia or Ticino, in climbing camps and club training or at the competitions of the squads and clubs that I was allowed to visit in my childhood. In addition to the movement, the height was also a great experience for me when climbing, and highlining came into my life with the height. At the age of 19 I stood on my first highline. Highlining basically took over my life. I found an unparalleled level of satisfaction in this sport. The symbolism and metaphors that can be derived from it for life are as accurate as they are breathtakingly beautiful.


So highlining became my central passion, I still climb quite often, but the majority of my free time is devoted to highlining. Through the practice with the rope and the many materials involved in highlining, I had enough mountain knowledge to complete my military service with the mountain specialists in Andermatt. The time in Andermatt gave me even more confidence in dealing with the mountains. I was able to learn a lot about rope technique, mountain medicine, various alpine rescues and camaraderie and team spirit.


The world is big and contains a lot, of course this makes you curious. That's why I always enjoy traveling in my camper bus and going on all sorts of adventures on the rocks and at lofty heights on the belt. Through highlining and its community, I have found like-minded friends all over the world. This also encourages me to travel, although I also know that my home will always be in the Graubünden mountains.

With Pleasure

I founded WithPleasure in 2016 with the idea of creating an outdoor brand. Later my friend Lukas Rüsch joined the WithPleasure project, together we published a blog photos and videos of our adventures together on a website. We were connected by bouldering, a form of rock climbing at drop-off height.

After a few years we increasingly lost contact and so we parted ways. Now WithPleasure has become my personal brand, it represents my attitudes towards life and my activities. WithPleasure is the attitude that I want to live with both my hobbies and my job; it symbolizes the joy of the individual moment, the now.

The freedom to do the things you decide to do with joy. WithPleasure means living a balanced life, a life that you choose for yourself. WithPleasure is not something you own or build, it comes and goes, sometimes you find it easier and other times it seems impossible to find. WithPleasure is a choice that can be made in every single moment. The philosophy behind the name WithPleasure is not new, there are many names for the now and the positive attitude towards it. WithPleasure is my personal attempt to understand the now a little better and live accordingly.

Wood & Crafts

After completing primary school, I decided to become an apprentice carpenter and I would still make this choice again to this day. I learned the craft of working with wood and found enthusiasm in building. Through my father and hisArchitecture office I got an early insight into the world on the construction site, an insight that I liked and inspired me. I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a carpenter in 2018.

The work as a carpenter is very versatile and varied, which also led me to other areas of the craft. I worked as a salesman in a hardware store, built bathrooms and plumbing systems as a temporary worker, and helped cover roofs. Today I see myself as an all-rounder, my focus is building with wood, but I like to try out all kinds of construction challenges. I enjoy working with my body and see many aspects of physical work as a form of training when done correctly.

Supported by my family, I had an easy start into self-employment. After I was able to build my own home with my father and we renovated Casa Porclas in Cumbel, self-employment turned out to be the best thing for me. So on May 22nd, 2023 I became self-employed as a carpenter. Today I carry out smaller jobs for customers and rent myself and my skills to companies in timber construction or other areas.


I am always looking for new, exciting opportunities.

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