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I love my sport, by participating in clubs I have the opportunity to help my sport to grow. Growth for an association can mean financial support from a canton or national government.


Events and material purchases are made possible in a simplified manner. Activity and offerings within the club are growing, the popularity of the club and the activity itself is increasing, the sport is thriving and developing.


I am proud to be actively involved in what is happening in the slackline and highline community in Switzerland. 

I am actively involved in various smaller offices in the following associations:
Swiss Slackline

The association

Board member

SwissSlackline is the association of all Slackline & Highline clubs in Switzerland.

Grischa Slack

The Graubünden Slackline Club

Co-Founder & president

Grischa Slack is the slackline club in the canton of Graubünden.

Swiss Highline

The Swiss Highline Association

Vice President


Swiss Highline is the Swiss Highline Association, he represents the sport of highline in Switzerland. He also takes care of communication and collaboration with the FOCA regarding Highline projects in Switzerland.

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